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CUIMBRA I 63110-6

Lampadario a candelabro

This elegant traditional chandelier from the Cuimbra series, is characterized by its vintage design, as well as by its high-quality workmanship. Black chrome was chosen for the production of this hanging lamp. The acrylic crystals hanging on it give this lamp a stylish look. With a diameter of 67 cm, this hanging lamp protrudes with 1.66 meters into the room. The six E14 sockets mounted on the curved arms offer you the possibility to use any light source (max. 40W). We recommend LED bulbs because of their durability and power savings. This classic chandelier can be combined very well with other products from the same series.
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Prezzi RAEE ed IVA incl. più spese di spedizione

  • altezza : 1660 mm
  • diametro : 670 mm
  • materiale : metallo, cristallo in acrilico
  • colore : nero, cromato
  • dimmerabile : dipende dalla lampadina
  • EAN : 9007371176533
Dati tecnici
  • lampadina incl. : no
  • consumo energetico : max. 40 Watt
  • tensione : 230 Volt
  • grado di protezione : IP20
  • classe di protezione : 1
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