OLLY 21002-3H

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Discover the elegant OLLY pendant lamp that will bring timeless beauty to your space. Its attractive design attracts attention in living and dining areas. Made of high-quality black matt metal, the pendant lamp guarantees durability and stability. The smoke-colored glass gently filters the light, creating a warm, mesmerizing atmosphere. With a height of 1.2m, it is perfect for rooms with high ceilings. The height is adjustable to meet individual needs. Thanks to its dimensions, it fits harmoniously into different room sizes. Please note that light bulbs are not included. Order today, bring your room to life with the pendant lamp and enjoy a pleasant, stylish ambience.
149,99 € *

Prezzi RAEE ed IVA incl. più spese di spedizione

  • lunghezza : 630 mm
  • larghezza : 110 mm
  • altezza : 1200 mm
  • materiale : metallo, vetro
  • colore : nero satinato, color fumè
  • diametro paralume : 110 mm
  • dimmerabile : dipende dalla lampadina
  • EAN : 9007371438211
  • manuali d'istruzione : Download
Dati tecnici
  • lampadina incl. : no
  • consumo energetico : max. 25 Watt
  • tensione : 230 Volt
  • grado di protezione : IP20
  • classe di protezione : 1
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