AMORY 54657-3


The classic spotlight from the Amory series fits in many furnishing stems because of the simple design and can be combined very well with other products of this series. The white-coloured metal spotlight has three technically movable light spots. Due to the fact that the light spots can be moved, you can better adjust the light emission. When you turn on the lamp, a gold shimmer acts inside the light shade. The diameter of the e-shaped bracket is 45cm. The luminaire can be easily integrated into rooms such as .B corridors or living areas. Thanks to the three E14 sockets, you can freely choose your bulb up to a maximum of 40 watts depending on your taste, no matter what light color or light temperature you would like to have. Due to their longevity and energy savings, we recommend LED lamps.
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Prezzi RAEE ed IVA incl. più spese di spedizione

  • altezza : 250 mm
  • diametro : 300 mm
  • materiale : metallo, vetro
  • colore : bianco, cromato
  • dimmerabile : dipende dalla lampadina
  • EAN : 9007371380053
Dati tecnici
  • lampadina incl. : no
  • consumo energetico : max. 40 Watt
  • tensione : 230 Volt
  • grado di protezione : IP20
  • classe di protezione : 1
Spedizione e acquisto