PRISKA 54017-4H1


This beautiful pendant lamp convinces with its great design and becomes  the center of your rooms.  The pendant lamp consists of 4 metal shades, each of which is equipped with an E27 socket and hangs 1.5m from the ceiling on hemp ropes. The height of the pendant lamp can be adjusted with the help of the 80cm long black wooden rod,  by simply wrapping it. The E14 sockets allow you to use bulbs of your choice up to a maximum power of 40 watts. With other models of this series you can beautify your living area. 
149,99 € *

Prezzi RAEE ed IVA incl. più spese di spedizione

  • lunghezza : 800 mm
  • larghezza : 133 mm
  • altezza : 1500 mm
  • materiale : metallo, canapa, intreccio metallizzato
  • colore : nero satinato, marrone
  • diametro paralume : 133 mm
  • dimmerabile : dipende dalla lampadina
  • EAN : 9007371439430
Dati tecnici
  • lampadina incl. : no
  • consumo energetico : max. 40 Watt
  • tensione : 230 Volt
  • grado di protezione : IP20
  • classe di protezione : 1
Spedizione e acquisto