NOLE 15443-4H

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This hanging lamp (ø 45 cm) impresses with its elegant design made of wood and black-matt metal. The height of the pendant lamp can be adjusted up to 120 cm during installation. Between the two wooden domes hanging from the metal chain there are beautifully curved metal rods that enclose the four E27 frames framed by wood. These are directed twice downwards and upwards and can be equipped with suitable lamps of your choice, which gives you the opportunity to individually determine light color and brightness. Furthermore, the small outwardly curved metal rods are provided with beautifully satin glass rods, which also contributes to the perfect appearance of the pendant lamp. This allows you to set stylish accents in your interiors and complete the overall picture.
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Prezzi RAEE ed IVA incl. più spese di spedizione

  • altezza : 1200 mm
  • diametro : 450 mm
  • materiale : metallo, legno, bacchette di vetro
  • colore : nero satinato, satinato, color naturale
  • dimmerabile : dipende dalla lampadina
  • EAN : 9007371427246
Dati tecnici
  • lampadina incl. : no
  • consumo energetico : max. 60 Watt
  • tensione : 230 Volt
  • grado di protezione : IP20
  • classe di protezione : 1
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